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tv   WLWT News 5 Today Weekend  NBC  March 13, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EDT

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jonathan: now on news 5 today, with protesters. we have the latest after secret service rushed the stage in dayton and we'll talk about the people escorted out in kansas city. richard: the fight for ohio's 66 nominating delegates continues. we'll bring you the latest from the campaign trail just ahead. jonathan: plus a big honor for former house speaker john boehner. we have remarks from the butler county's gop lincoln day dinner. we've sprung forward overnight. did you remember? we near the change in season and we've got wet weather. miriah turner has how long it will stick around as we fight our way through the fog. that's the u.s. bank arena on this sunday, 13 march 13, 2016.
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jonathan: good morning. welcome to news 5 today. thanks for joining us on this sunday morning. i'm jonathan hawgood, here with miriah turner. thanks for coming in, filling in. got a foggy morning. miriah: wet, foggy, misty. it's spring-like because we have mild temperatures too. jonathan: can't complain about mild temperatures. miriah: you were talking not too long ago about the buds on the trees. too you have flowers yet. jonathan: we have shoots. miriah: mine turned into flowers, the yellow ones. i'll take a picture and tweet it out later. jonathan: i'm not aware of that brand of flower, yellow. miriah: more throughout the week. sunshine. it's not a washout.
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it's a spring-like week ahead. for your first cup forecast, you'll need a second cup because you lost an hour of sleep. a decent batch of rain rolling through over the past few hours. we saw pockets of heavier rain too. satellite looks strictly at radar. things look more scattered. the heavy rain we saw in the past two hours, pushing north. highland county in hills pro seeing the last remnants of the heavier batches of rain in green filled, hillsboro, new vienna. you're seeing the reds, yellows, oranges exiting. that's anywhere from an inch and a half to an inch and a quarter of heavier rainfall. we're looking at three quarters of an inch of rain this weekend. things become more scattered this afternoon. we have a chance to see peeks of sunshine and temperatures getting up close to 70 degrees. jonathan: thank you, mariah. after much talk and speculation, republican frontrunner donald trump will hold a rally in west chester today. this comes a day after tense moments at a rally in dayton.
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forced to respond when a man rushed the stage. thomas dimassimo is the suspect, charged with disorderly conduct and inducing panic. he is expected to be in court donald trump tweeted about saturday's incident, saying the service did an excellent job, even saying the suspect may have quote, ties to isis, end quote. >> the signs were professionally made. bernie, you'll have to check. it's probably the same location. get him out. get him out. jonathan: last night, another disturbance at a trump rally in trump ordered protesters to be carried out and despite all the recent issues, trump will be here today. more protesters expected to be outside the rally. wlwt news 5's richard chiles live in west chester with a
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richard, good morning. richard: jonathan, good morning. preparations under way here at the savannah center for what republican organizers expect to be a very small and intimate gathering inside of the savannah center. outside, certainly a juxtaposition. protesters have marred campaign stops throughout the country. you mentioned kansas city. cleveland. the rally in chicago had to be cancelled and we saw protesters there. the event today again giving republican voters an opportunity to be up close and personal with mr. trump. organizers say the town hall conversation. republican leaders here in the state again very crucial. the 66 nominating delegates here in our area certainly very
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presidential nomination. >> i'm a pretty good speaker. my job is to talk to the crowd and talk about our country and what's been going on. how mr. trump can make it better. he's the choice. richard: sheriff richard jones will do double duty. in addition to introducing mr. trump inside, sheriff jones will be coordinating with the secret service. the butler county sheriff's deputies will provide security outside, providing the buffer for the anticipated protesters beginning at 2:00 in the we'll have a crew there live and stream it on other presidential candidates are commenting on the incidents at trump rallies, including governor kasich, who called out
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sharonville. >> donald trump has created a toxic environment. and the toxic environment has allowed his supporters and those who sometimes seek confrontation to come together in violence. jonathan: we'll hear more from governor kasich, including his plans as commander in chief coming up at 7:30. on the democratic side, hillary town hall in cleveland, ohio. close to a thousand people attended the event. during the event, she outlined her plans to lift people from poverty and protect against gun and police violence. she also denounced donald trump's way of campaigning. >> the ugly, divisive rhetoric from donald trump and the encouragement of violence and aggression is not only wrong but dangerous.
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control. that is not leadership. that is political arson. jonathan: meanwhile, hillary clinton has picked up five more super delegates after winning the northern mariana islands caucus near guam. 576 for bernie sanders. it takes 2,383 delegates to win the nomination. today, clinton and sanders will columbus at the greater columbus convention center. doors open at 4:30. program begins at 6:30. courtis fuller will be at the event and we'll carry it live on air and at last night, the gop held its annual lincoln day dinner in butler county. former house speaker john boehner made his first public
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congress last october. he was the guest of honor at the annual dinner. he received a standing ovation and lots of cheers from the crowd as he made his way to the podium. he joked they'd tried to make him cry. boehner spent 34 years in politics. >> i have no regrets about when i retired. i have no regrets about how i retired. and every day, i'm grateful that i'm not there. >> boehner also told the crowd he's supporting ohio governor john kasich for president. he says he and kasich have been wlwt is leading the way tuesday night. watch our special coverage of the primaries as ohio votes. we'll have live coverage beginning at 7:30 when the polls close. then you can join us for a special edition of wlwt news 5 at 10:00 and 11:00. thousands of people downtown this morning, participating in the heart mini marathon. we'll tell you what organizers say they expect for today's race and how you can still get involved.
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continuing their domination. details on their most recent win which secured them a spot in the final four. and your live look outside. citycam 5. the u.s. bank arena down there. i only know because of the blue and white and red neon lights.
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jonathan: welcome back. a big event in town today. the heart mini marathon. thousands will be downtown to raise awareness for the heart association and mercy health. organizers expect it to be the largest on record, about 27,000 people expected to attend. there's an event for every fitness level. i'll run them through. the heart mini marathon and half marathon take off at 7:30. they'll be followed by the 1k steps for stroke at 9:15. 5k heart race at 10:30. 2k kids race at 11:30 and three and five mile walk at noon. there will be a post race celebration on fountain square with food, music and inflatables. an event to raise money for childhood cancer. the pub at rookwood mews is hosting a head shaving event to
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their goal, to raise $18,000 and more than 35 cincinnati volunteers will be shaving their heads. the event begins at noon and the head shaving will begin at 1:00. local celebrity chefs and musicians teamed up this weekend to raise money to rebuild a local landmark. featured spice master colonel dee stewart, jimmy g and dave miller from crave. the event was for the rabbit hash general store that burned down on valentine's day. colonel dee says the general store may be small, but it has a big heart. >> it's just one of those places you got to go to. you got to see it, you got to feel it. then you know what it's all about. that's when it gets real. >> the historical society plans to renovate the store to keep it on the historic register. if you missed saturday's bash, don't worry. you can donate to the rebuild effort at forts bank in boone
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your donation. a half century long tradition at the banks. happy st. patrick's day! the 50th anniversary of the parade stepped off near paul brown stadium yesterday. it featured kilts, bag pipes and irish family pride. let's talk local weather with mariah. miriah: our weekend start the off great when it comes to the weather. excuse me. i thought my miro phone was off. we're go. what to expect today. we've had a wet start to the morning. as we head into the afternoon, things become more scattered. we see peeks of sunshine and clouds stick around tonight, upper 60s for today.
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we had pockets of heavy rain as well. that's starting to push north. we'll see the scattered pattern start to settle in. this afternoon, not going to be too bad. widespread rain moving out. pockets of heavy rain over the past couple hours have pushed through the 275 loop and our northern most counties. sitting off to the east in highland county and hillsboro, the only ones seeing the remnants of the yellows, oranges, reds and pockets of heavier rain in leesburg. they're seeing the heavier rain. it will quiet down. if anything, later this afternoon, we could see an isolated thunderstorm. some of the rain totals we've seen since midnight, butler county over half an inch. connersville, a quarter inch. loveland, three quarter of an inch. 53 in wilmington, 54 in springboro, 60 in walton. 59 at cvg.
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five miles an hour, bringing up that gulf moisture and warmer temperatures. dew point sitting at 59. day planner stacking up like this. we're seeing scattered showers this morning, around 10:00 a.m. some peeks later this afternoon. showers ending later this evening and we're staying in the 60s for the majority of the day. futurecast looking like this. again, the heavier rains moving out. scattered showers starting to settle in. time stamp at 10:30. into the afternoon, we see a chance to see an isolated thunderstorm or pocket of heavy rain later this afternoon and into the evening hours. then things become more light, scattered. maybe an isolated sprinkle as we head into overnight and trend into monday morning. late monday into the afternoon, the second batch of rain will roll through. could see an isolated thunderstorm with that as well. pockets of heavy rain. things taper off in time for tuesday. today, 69. scattered showers, isolated thunderstorms possible. the winds out of the south with the front, the warm front that will be pushing through the area. overnight tonight, mild. 57 degrees.
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a stray shower still possible. then tomorrow, much like today, scattered showers will be in the area and we could see an isolated thunderstorm. we're staying with the mild, spring-like trend. into tuesday, the warmest day of the week, 74 degrees. it's the sunniest after the stretch of rain we've seen today. also, tomorrow, we see a break, sunshine in time for to cast your vote. overnight storms thend rend into wednesday morning. temperatures dip into the 50s, but sunshine for friday, and st. patrick's day doesn't look bad either. jonathan: all kinds of march madness excitement happening saturday. one team making its way to the finals today. derek forest has details in morning sports. derek: it was a wild and crazy day of basketball saturday, both on the college front and the but first, let's start with college ball. 16th ranked kentucky wildcats
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s.e.c. tournament. second half, wildcats trailing, tyler ulis looking for the three. misses. briscoe is there for the cleanup. the cats take the lead. later in the half, briscoe confusing the defense. he finds marcus leaf with the flush. kentucky beats georgia 93-80. they'll meet up with texas a&m in the finals later this afternoon. the top seed in the a-10. dayton flyers meeting up with st. joseph's. second half, flyers down 12. smith with the steal. gets it up ahead to kyle davis, who gets the tough layup to fall. dayton down ten. later in the half, davis again. the circus shot goes down. dayton is down three. but that's as close as they can get. they fall to st. joe's, 82-79, and are knocked out of the a-10 tournament. at thomas more, the saints were looking to advance to the final four with a win over washington
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first quarter, sidney moss drains the three. the saints are up three. now later in the quarter, saints are going to work it around to simon kenton grad abbey owens from way downtown. thomas more picks up another win. they'll head to the final four with the 88-72 win. and that is a look at sports. have a good morning. jonathan: thanks, derek. a dog competing in the iditarod dog sled race was killed when a person attacked two teams along the trail. 26-year-old arnold demoski was arrested after he drove a snow mobile into two sled teams. the mushers were unharmds but seven dogs were hurt, one killed. demoski was driving home drunk and face as number of charges. coming up, we'll talk about the local hospital showing why it's so important for expecting parents to get their funds together.
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information to do it. something looks so familiar about that woman sitting there. and your live look outside. citycam 5. looking down on fountain square, where heart mini marathon activities will be going on today, i believe. a couple folks down there on
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>> the department of agriculture says the cost of raising a child is $3,000. there's an event to get you with me, kristy davis. how should a family prepare for the arrival of the baby? >> we hope all families prepare at west chester hospital. we are closing in on having the 500th baby born in our maternity services department in less than a year. we know there are a lot of young families out there looking for ways to prepare for the baby. we're getting a lot of questions about financial planning.
7:24 am
idea to present a seminar on financial planning and luckily we have great partners in our community. one of which is northwestern mutual. they jumped in to make sure we're giving folks the right information for their new arrival. miriah: a cowl more uple more weeks for me. brent, why is it important to have a financial plan. >> we feel it's important for everyone to have a financial plan. especially, first time parents. there are so many things expected, but there's a lot of unexpected. to think through and budget is really important with all the changes that are going to be coming. miriah: any specifics for the unexpected costs that parents cannot really expect because they're unexpected. but they encounter? >> i think also, starting with what do we know is in play. so thinking about employer benefits. thinking about insurances you currently have, thinking about things that could be out of pocket and thinking about the
7:25 am
like diapers, potentially special formula so trying to be well. savings. when is the right time to start kids? >> great yes. we feel like that it's really important for the parents to be financially secure. so we seahawk security. but it depends on the individual's goals. there are certain accounts that add tax savings depending on what state you live in. you get a deduction to contribute and they grow tax-free. we'll talk about how people can afford if they have extra income to save. and what can they do to accomplish the specific goals for college down the road. >> thank you for coming in. if you want more information on the free financial planning for your family and the seminar, it will be at west chester hospital's plaza conference room wednesday.
7:26 am jonathan: still a lot more ahead, including your chance to get a fill of pasta. the local festival celebrating all things italian. your live look outside. citycam 5. the lights of the pnc bank building and others fighting their way through the fog
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>> folks, we can't fix our country if we spend all of our time fighting with one another. that is not why we are elected officials. jonathan: now on news 5 today, ohio governor john kasich trying to unify the country. his message to voters as he tries to win ohio tuesday. showers and storms expected to linger into the afternoon. miriah turner is in this morning to tell us whether we'll see the wet weather in the work week. it's sunday, march 13, 2016. this is news 5 today. jonathan: good morning. welcome to news 5 today. thanks for joining us on this sunday morning. i'm jonathan hawgood. this is miriah turner. timely filling in for jennifer schack, who is doing the nights this weekend.
7:30 am
my stepfather celebrating his birthday. it's tomorrow. he's a big shot in this town, like the consigliere to the mayor and city manager. miriah: happy birthday. jonathan: i hope he's watching. miriah: are you going to take things outdoors. jonathan: not with all this rain. miriah: good. jonathan: it's not like the day is going to be warm but wet. miriah: warm but wet. you talked about wet weather for the work week. a lot of alliteration there. what we're seeing this morning, because of the rainfall, widespread, heavy at times, lunken airport is under a mile. we're under a mile in mt. auburn. same thing with cvg. we've got mist and fog to start the morning. in the afternoon, things clear up, and we'll see peeks of sunshine. you can see the heavier rain that rolled through over the
7:31 am
things are starting to dissipate. the heaviest batch of rain sitting to the north and east of highland county. now it's cleatly ly completely exited our viewing area. we have a chance for showers and an isolated thunderstorm later this afternoon. for our temperatures, not too bad. spring-like. we're in the 60s. later this afternoon, almost up to 70 degrees. expect scattered showers all throughout the day. again, a chance for an isolated thunderstorm as well. jonathan. jonathan: thank you, mariah. if donald trump wins ohio tuesday, it could put him in position to win the gop nomination. that's why he's focusing on the buckeye state. richard chiles is live in west chester, where he's planning a town hall this afternoon. hey, richard. richard: good morning. you're right. ohio's 66 delegates at stake.
7:32 am
take kasich out of the race. today's conversation as republican organizers are calling it, scheduled to be an intimate discussion with republicans in ohio with those delegates at stake. inside the conference center here, the savannah center in west chester, perhaps a juxtaposition with what is expected outside. the secret service continuing preparations at this time, anticipating protesters. protesters have marred the other campaign stops over the last week. we saw violence erupt in chicago, shutting down that scheduled campaign stop. violence also plaguing a trump visit in cleveland and kansas city. yesterday's rally in vandalia rushed the stage. trump continuing his march through ohio. the stop scheduled at 2:00 in west chester.
7:33 am
anticipate protesters to be on hand to greet mr. trump. very vocal and getting the message out as ohio marches its way to the primaries. jonathan: john kasich was in sharonville, calling out frontrunner donald trump in what he calls dangerous rhetoric often used at trump rallies. kasich opened up his rally in sharonville by saying these are crazy times, referencing the violence that's become expected at donald trump rallies. kasich has sworn to run a clean campaign. the question of the day, could he support trump, were he to become the nominee. >> makes it extremely difficult. >> will you? >> let's everybody take a deep breath and we'll see where it goes. i have to say there are people who went to the event last night, i'm convinced, who were
7:34 am
jonathan: he reminded hundreds of reporters of his collaborativests across party lines in cleveland, both in the areas of policing and school reform. marco rubio won the republican presidential caucuses in washington, d.c., picking up ten dell the gap with egates with his win. behind him, kasich gets nine delegates. neither of the other two candidates won enough to earn delegates in washington, d.c. ted cruz won most of the delegates in wyoming with 12. donald trump still leads the overall race for delegates. there's the list. he's got 460. cruz has 367. rubio, 153. kasich, 54. it takes 1,237 delegates to win the republican nomination for
7:35 am
on the democratic side, bill clinton visited the freedom center this weekend. he talked about his wife's campaign. he spoke about how hillary planned to help students, middle class worker. he hoped to recruit for supporters for his wife ahead of tuesday's primary. he left the fine decision up to voters. >> the american people have to decide what they want. we can have blame or we can have responsibility. we can have protests or we can have progress. jonathan: the former president said hillary would raise wages for familys and break down barriers. alicia reece and john cranley helped introduce the former president. wlwt news 5 has special coverage as ohio votes tuesday. live coverage starts at 7:30 in the evening when the polls close. join us for a special edition of wlwt news 5 at 10:00 and 11:00. student at the st. ursula academy are participating in an empty bowls event. they'll serve meals in bowls they've made in art class.
7:36 am
relief for hunger in doing this. the event will be held at the academy on east mcmillan street today from 1:00 to 3:00. the incident es open to the public. the proceeds from every bowl purchased goes to the city gospel mission. a celebration of tal none italian heritage in cheviot. cincitalia wraps up today. there will be music, cooking carnival rides, games and authentic italian food. funds raised benefit the st. catherine pashish catherine parish and school. the event runs from 1:00 to 9:00. a sheriff's department in florida mourning the loss of one of one of their own. we'll tell you about the accident that killed a deputy in the line of duty. the weekend coming to an end. right now, a time to look ahead to monday's commute. we'll tell you about the interstate closures you need to know about before you hit the road.
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jonathan: welcome back. a florida sheriff's deputy died friday after being hit by a wrong way driver. the department is mourning the loss of john kotvola. he was struck by a driver going florida expressway. the driver, 31-year-old eric macbeth macbeth, died at the scene. the officer died later at the hospital. he was 30 years old. in florence a 27-year-old motorcyclist is dead after he tried to swerve to miss a deer. this happened early saturday morning on houston road. jonathan fogle was thrown from his bike. police say he was not wearing a helmet. he died at the hospital. a short-term closure may cause traffic trouble on interstate 75 tonight. full closures will be on the southbound side near crescentville road all this week. the short-term full closures begin at 11:00 tonight, reopening at 5:00 a.m. monday morning. these closures will be in effect beginning at midnight monday and
7:41 am
both days reopening at 5:00 a.m. one local high school basketball team traveling to state for the first time in school history. we've got details coming up in your morning sports. plus, a bundle of puppies. ready to keep you and your family entertained. we'll introduce you to the animals up for adoption in a second. miriah: they are adorable. love it. we're seeing scattered showers later this afternoon. we saw widespread showers this morning, but things will dry out eventually. we have continued showers into the early portions of this week. we'll detail that and your chance to see an isolated
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miriah: our last week of winter and it's looking like spring. we have st. pat rick's day this thursday. things are shaping up for that. seven more days until the official welcoming of spring, next sunday. also palm sunday.
7:45 am
we've made it through winter. the first week of spring is around the corner. what we're seeing are spring-like showers just in time for that event. it's moving from south to north. we did see widespread showers this morning. they've pushed north of the viewing area, taking a closer look at the time lapse. you can see oemp the past two hours, everything has pushed south to north. we're starting to see not nerszly clearing. it's still cloudy, but clearing in terms of wet weather. it's going to be scattered into the afternoon. we're seeing light scattered showers entering the southwestern most counties and really all in all that's all we're looking at. as we head into the afternoon, peeks of sunshine too. futurecast, it's part of the area. it's pushed the showers north. also, warmer temperatures. mid 70s for your tuesday.
7:46 am
making its way toward our area. an upper level low will push through, giving us more scattered showers and a chance for isolated thunderstorms as well. it's a wet start to week, but we're spring-like with temperatures very mild. you can see on the map, we're looking at 54 in wilmington. 57 in versailles. 59 in cincinnati. 60 down in owenton. so it's a mild start to your sunday. very wet as well and we have fog and mist in the area, although a lot of the rain has moved out. this is what lingers. be careful. visibilities are down at cvg, about a half mile. our windows out of the southeast at five miles an hour, bringing in the gulf moisture for the start of the week. 62 degrees around 10:00 a.m. is what you can expect. peeks of sunshine getting up into the upper 60s. could see a stray shower overnight. all in all, the wet weekend
7:47 am
the early hours of this morning it wasn't a washout. showers have pushed north. stray shower possible as we head into overnight. the next batch of rain arrives tomorrow afternoon. you see the next batch of showers in the area. scattered activity for the rest of the evening before tuesday shapes up in time for voting. 69 today. we see peeks of sunshine, a chance for an isolated thunderstorm in the afternoon, with scattered showers. cloudy, chance for a stray shower and tomorrow, we see the same pattern of scattered showers, chance for a thunderstorm. cooler at 66 degrees. but then we warm back up for tuesday for the polls. not looking too bad, cooler in the 50s. jonathan. jonathan: every sunday, we show off stray state tri-state stray animals ready for good homes.
7:48 am
let's start with amos the cat. >> i'm going to have to turn amos around here. he's sitting there looking at my into my eyes. there you go. amos is a 6-month-old kitty. he's a tuxedo because he's got white on his chest. jonathan: he's a good size for six months. >> he has white paws and whiskers. his eyes might be gold. he's been at my house for a couple days. he fits right in. >> how would you describe his disposition? >> very confident, flexible. he's a lap cat. he'll be at saap station at 11:00.
7:49 am
fit into any of your brood. jonathan: we've got four dogs. good morning, bob. >> good morning. we have four sisters here. they're eight weeks old. they are -- the names are from the muppets. the first one, look at her eyebrows. shepherd/lab mixes. they'll probably be medium to large dogs, 50 to 60 pounds is what we're guessing. this is camilla, and one of the sisters here looks considerably different, all brown. say good morning. this is scooter. jonathan: scooter was a boy on the muppets, but that's okay. >> we have to stretch. there's not a lot of female names. jonathan: you're right.
7:50 am
>> i have constantine and animal. >> they've been in your home? >> yes. >> they're all good citizens. >> very much so. they're great. jonathan: anybody more bossy than the other? >> bob's got the bossy girl. jonathan: the big one? >> no, she's the most gentle. >> this is the bossy one, huh? scooter. they are available for adoption at the petco in fort wright. come out and see us. call me if you have questions. >> it's time to start shot. if you want more information about the stray animal adoption program call 859-391-1234 or logon to and click on the as seen on section. now here's your sports. derek: march madness has finally arrived. we had a big weekend on the high over at the cintas center, wilmington and centerville
7:51 am
regional final. second quarter, wilmington on the break. jeffrey mansfield will take it himself. splits the defense for the layup. the hurricane take a dominating 17-point lead. now, later in the quarter, jaren cumberland with the nice feed to chris woolery for two. the hurricanes head to state with the 48-28 win over centerville. how about the division two regional final. taft and aiken going head to head for the third time this season. we had a tight one towards the end. taft's frank royals made moves around the basket, count the bucket and the foul. the senators trailed by one. but carlik jones was the go-to man the rest of the way for the falcons. finished with a game-high 25 points. the aiken falcons are going to state for the first time in school history by beating taft for the third time this year, 61-60. the division three finals had roger bacon caking on summit country day, both rocking nice winning streaks. silver knights going back door. dullen off the glass for two.
7:52 am
bacon. william green pops the jumper. roger bacon picks up their second regional title since 2014, when they win 66-53. joining roger bacon out of division three, lynchburg clay who won. they beat marion pleasant, 68-50. they'll play louisville aquinas thursday morning. how about the girls division one state championship. mason taking on wadsworth. time winding down in the third. jalen mason, the arkansas commit, with the free-throw line jumper. mason down seven after three quarters. just over three minutes to go in the game, lauren van clunen with the short jumper. the marquette commit cuts the deficit to five. she finished with a double-double. mason falls in the title game, 60-51. and finally, some horse racing news saturday. announcer mike battaglia is
7:53 am
assume the role of associate vice president at turfway park in florence, kentucky. that is effective march 12. and, of course, it is a big day on the college basketball front. selection sunday. we'll find out where xavier will fall in the ncaa tournament ask whether or not u.c. makes the tournament. that is a look at sports. have a good morning. jonathan: thanks, derek. we have a correction. the 2016 cincitalia festival is not today. it's may 13 through 15 at harvest home park fairgrounds in cheviot. after that, a final check of the top stories of the morning. the tri-state's most accurate
7:54 am
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we'll be right back at news 5 happier hour, p weekdays, now two to five at steak 'n shake. the four dollar menu at steak 'n shake. featuring handcrafted steakburgers, all-beef footlongs and fresh guacamole made from scratch. the four dollar menu, where all meals are under four dollars,
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jonathan: welcome back. 7:56. let's get a final update on top stories. donald trump will hold a rally in west chester today after tense moments near dayton yesterday. secret service agents were forced to respond when a man rushed the stage. thomas dimassimo is the suspect. he's charged with disorderly conduct and inducing panic. he's expected to be in court tomorrow. donald trump actually tweeted about saturday's incident, saying the secret service did an
7:57 am
the secret service and police working together to make sure there are no issues at the town hall today, held at the savannah center in west chester beginning at 2:00 this afternoon. on the democratic side, clinton and sanders headline the legacy dinner in columbus. the event will be at the greater columbus convention center. doors open at 4:30. program begins at 6:30. courtis fuller will be at the event. we'll carry it live on air and online. the heart mini marathon and half marathon have taken off. 27,000 people are expected to attend with event for every fitness level. there will be races throughout the morning and there will be a post-race celebration on fountain square with food, music and inflatables. they're getting wet, but for a race, not so bad. miriah: and we're seeing a break in time for them starting the
7:58 am
half and mini, things look all right. we start to see scattered showers later this afternoon. you can see a break on radar. much of the rain has pushed off to the north. scattered patterns will settle in this afternoon. temperatures not looking bad. close to 70 degrees. scattered showers, a chance for an isolated thunderstorm still in the forecast. the rest of your seven-day forecast kind of looking the same today. tomorrow, same story. rain, scattered, isolated thunderstorms. and then things look all right for the beginning of tuesday for sprinkle. >> cooler for next weekend. looks sunny. thanks for being with us. have yourself a great sunday and we'll be back at 9:00 in case
7:59 am
change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability. bernie sanders. he was there when dr. king marched on washington. unafraid to challenge the status quo to end racial profiling, take on police misconduct, and take down a system that profits from mass imprisonment. there is no president who will fight harder to end institutional racism. education. opportunity. reform. bernie. i'm bernie sanders
8:00 am
good morning. boiling over. more violence at donald trump rallies as clashes between supporters and protesters get out of hand. pepper spray and harsh words. >> go back to africa. >> this after a scare at an earlier rally, the secret service tackling a man who tried to rush the stage. how will the escalating chaos affect the critical vote on tuesday? meantime, on the democratic side, a battle over healthcare. hillary clinton saying bernie


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